Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Introduction to Angular6: A beginner’s guide

Angular, the most widely used framework for creating SPA’s.

SPA in web terminology stands for "Single-Page Application".

Why Single-Page Apps?

While traditional web apps require consistent rendering of data from server leading to a page-reload for every app request, the spa’s however, avoid this performance issue by loading content on the browser using Javascript, so most of the work is done on client-side.

If you are wondering whether the app is really a single page then, the answer is yes! there is only one URL or in simple terms one html page as such,and everything is rendered on the same page, you can fill a form, click a link and do almost everything on that page.

Essentially, it creates an illusion of navigating through pages which in fact doesn’t happen in reality. This leaves the user with a reactive experience.