Saturday, 3 August 2013

North India Has Maximum Doctors in India: IMS Health

New Delhi: North India has the highest number of doctors in the country while the eastern region has the least, highlighting disparity in access to healthcare, according to a survey by market research firm IMS Health.

According to IMS Health Physician and Chemist Census, while North India accounts for 31 per cent of doctors in the country, South and West India have a similar 28 percent and East has only 13 per cent.

The census covered 120 cities (metro and non-metro) and includes insights into over 3.73 lakh doctors and 99,000 chemists across multiple parameters, IMS Health said.

"This census helps close important information gaps in the healthcare value chain in India," IMS Health South Asia Managing Director Amit Backliwal said in a statement.

The census aims to provide critical insights for government policymakers to develop better policies and a stronger healthcare infrastructure in India, he added.